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Constitution of "Agricultural Data Interest Group" within RDA: Report from the Launch meeting

The launch meeting of the Research Data Alliance took place on March 18-20, 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Program and contributions are documented at the RDA website and the presentations from the meeting are available online.

During the RDA meeting Nikos Manouselis (Greece), Odile Hologne (France), Esther Zale Yeumo, Kabore (France), Devika Madalli (India), Johannes Keizer (FAO) and Stefania Keters (RDA Secretariate) met to discuss a possible working group on Agricultural data interoperability within RDA. The results of this discussion are:

All aspects of agricultural data management is a topic too broad for a working group. To follow on such broad areas within RDA exists the instrument of Interest Group. All participants agreed to set up such an Interest Group on Agricultural data within RDA

It was discussed to set up as a first working group a group that should handle the interoperability of data and information on wheat.  This is linked to INRA’s (Esther, Odile) strong commitment to the international wheat initiative.  The task is daunting, because it tackles the problem of interoperability not of a specific datatype, but of different data types on the same issue (Germplasm data, genetic and phenotype data, statistical data, text….). The output of this working group was envisaged as a kind of “cookbook” how to produce “wheat data” that are easily sharable and interoperable.

It was decided that INRA will conduct stakeholder consultations before such a working group would be formally set up.

Next Steps:

  • ·Definition of the membership of the Interestgroup. The Interestgroup is open please feel free to invite further colleagues. Everyone, who wants to be part of it should contact Johannes Keizer to get onto the mailing list. You may find more information at the FAO AIMS web site.
  • ·Assessment of a Working Group on Interoperability of Wheat data sources. Odile and Esther from INRA will conduct stake holder consultations to clarify if this working group is feasible.
  • ·A list of topics should be created, that should be handled by the Interestgroup in the next two years.


Way of communication:

·This announcement is also posted at All stakeholders are encouraged to visit this link and to answer by using the Forum for everything what is of public interest.

·After the G8 conference on “Agricultural Open Data” we should have an online meeting to evaluate the outcomes and to decide what will be done until the next Plenary RDA in September 2013.

You can discuss this information into the VOA3R's portal community "IT in agriculture" and provide your feedback directly at the RD-Alliance Forum.