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OpenAIRE agreed with EuroCRIS on the use of CERIF-XML

OpenAIRE agreed with EuroCRIS on the use of CERIF-XML as the standard format by which OpenAIRE will harvest information from CRIS. See more:

As VOA3R is implementing CERIF and was the first pilot implementation of a CERIF Linked Open Data approach, this agreement opens also new opportunities for interoperation between OpenAIRE and VOA3R, at the level of exchanging information and also in the future interlinking both platforms. Currently, the VOA3R platform uses the CERIF 1.5 model to link the social part and the content part of the platform.

AIMS Newsletter. VOA3R Special Issue, Winter 2012

AIMS is a space, created by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), for accessing and discussing agricultural information management standards, tools and methodologies, connecting information workers worldwide to build a global community of practice.

The AIMS Newsletter. VOA3R Special Issue, Winter 2012 is dedicated to the VOA3R project :


Article about VOA3R : Data-driven Schema Matching in Agricultural Learning Object Repositories. MTSR2012

MTSR 2012 - 6th Metadata and Semantics Research Conference.

Data-driven Schema Matching in Agricultural Learning Object Repositories

Contributed by Antonis Koukourikos, Giannis Stoitsis, Pythagoras Karampiperis

As the wealth of structured repositories of educational content for agricultural object is increasing, the problem of heterogeneity between them on a semantic level is becoming more prominent. Ontology matching is a technique that helps to identify the correspondences on the description schemas of different sources and provide the basis for interesting applications that exploit the information in a linked fashion. The present paper presents a data-driven approach for discovering matches between different classification schemas. The approach is based on content analysis and linguistic processing in order to extract information in the form of relation tuples, use the extracted information to associate the content of different repositories and match their underlying classification schemas based on the degree of content similarity. The preliminary results verified the validity of the approach and exposed the need for refinements on the linguistic processing of the available textual information and on the definition of relation similarity.


New publication about VOA3R : Metadata Quality Evaluation of a Repository. MTSR 2012

Metadata Quality Evaluation of a Repository Based on a Sample Technique. Marc Goovaerts and Dirk Leinders. J.M. Dodero, M. Palomo-Duarte, P. Karampiperis (Eds.): MTSR 2012, CCIS 343, pp. 181–189, 2012.

Abstract. In this paper, we evaluate the quality of the metadata of an OAI compliant
repository based on the completeness metric proposed by X. Ochoa
and E. Duval. This study focuses on the completeness of the metadata records
as defined by M.A. Sicilia et al, where machine-understandability is a mandatory
requirement for completeness. The goal is to use the completeness metric
as a tool for harvesters and repository managers to evaluate easily the quality
of the metadata of a repository. We focus on the metadata used by the communities
of agriculture, aquaculture and environment from the VOA3R project.
The OceanDocs repository serves as a use case. The completeness metric is
used on a sample of records from the repository. The paper concludes that in the
opinion of the authors quality evaluation is not a global process, but depends on
the context. The completeness metric have to be used on the specific elements,
relevant for the specific community.

See the presentation and the article.

6th Project Meeting. Limassol, Cyprus

6th VOA3R Meeting. October 15th- 17th 2012, Limassol, Cyprus. This meeting is organised by the Ministry Of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of Cyprus (ARI)

VOA3R press release

A VOA3R press release has been published in which is reflected the ongoing cooperation between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)- AGRIS initiative and the European Union project VOA3R. You can see the whole document here.