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D4.3.2 VOA3R Web portal deployment

This deliverable is related with the design and specifications of the services provided by VOA3R. These specifications follow an open approach, allowing for the integration of additional components, and being itself open for queries coming from external systems. An API (application programmer interface) will enable the integration and mashup of parts of the VOA3R system considered useful to be exposed to external systems. The main objective is specifying and integrating the central part of the architecture. The existing components and the central architectural part are decoupled to allow for pluggability of additional providers external to the consortium in the future. The url of the current version of VOA3R Web portal is:

D4.2.2 Adaptation of integration/federation components

This deliverable is related with the technology pieces and external systems owned by the partners that require some kind of integration work with the architecture resulting from deliverable D4.1. Following the specifications identified each component has been adapted for integration and tested separatelly, in order to guarantee the correct functioning of each piece before being integrated in the overall service.